Kayden Kross is granted another continuance in her case till March 24. She also has a new victim.

Posted on February 2, 2009


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FreePornStarPix writes that Kayden has been given another continuance in her federal case. This all stems from her conning a disabled veteran, his wife, and their four children out of their home while she walked away with at least $150,000.

What is the hold up? Just lock her up and be done with this and stop wasting our tax dollars on criminals such as her. Mike South wants us to believe she will be cleared of all charges and it will all be over soon. But if she was as innocent as Mike claims Kayden is, all these FEDERAL charges would have been dropped by now. But Mike has to defend Kayden because he’s being paid to.

Different judge and different state but why should Janine Lindemulder be going to prison on tax charges but Kayden Kross still be walking free? Janine didn’t directly hurt anyone and shouldn’t even be going to prison. They should just drain her assets until her taxes are all paid for. But Kayden approached that family in need with her fake smile all while planning to steal their home from them. Kayden is lazy, selfish, and a sociopath. She rather take the easy way to make a quick buck by committing crimes instead of actually working for her money like that family did so they could provide a home for their four children.

Mike South is still throwing Jesse Jane under the bus all trying to justify Kayden is a better person. He’s wondered why Jesse and other well know porn stars are more famous than Kayden. Mike still brings up when Jesse was drunk on TMZ and was carried out of a club. Mike never mentions the one carrying Jesse out is her husband. Are you telling us Kayden doesn’t drink?? At least Jesse has never been arrested for conning a family out of their home!!

Kayden’s friends even have the audacity to attack the man whose home she stole by saying he’s not a real disabled war veteran. They claim he wasn’t disabled while on duty. Does it matter? He is a war veteran and he is now disabled making him a disabled war veteran.

Her supporters claim Kayden was a dumb, ignorant, naive, dumb blonde. But then she suddenly became the smartest porn star alive according to Mike South. Because according to Mike, if a woman could write, she wouldn’t be doing porn …… except for Kayden. Because he claims Kayden writes every one of her columns and blogs. But since Mike is being paid to hold her hand and “consult” her, what makes anyone think that he’s not the one actually writing everything she claims are her own words?

Kayden’s latest victim is aspiring porn star Shannon Silva. Shannon obviously didn’t do her homework and didn’t research that her new mentor is a cold-hearted bitch who first gains her victim’s trust all while planning to rob them blind. Which Kayden will eventually do to Shannon.

And what does Kayden do to start gaining this poor misguided girl’s trust? She has Shannon shoot her first porn scene with Erik Everhard who was once accused by Corina Taylor of raping her on set which lead to Corina leaving porn. He has the reputation of roughing up the girls on set. While others have said there was more evidence against Erik Everhard than there was against Jack Venice because it was all caught on video. It’s rumored that Kayden and Erik are dating. Does that surprise anyone?

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