Is Jayme Langford being sued by LA Direct?

Posted on January 24, 2009


Jayme Langford nude


This is a woman who actually wants to do porn and enjoys what she does but is slowly being driven out of the industry by Derek Hay. He can’t lay claim that they discovered her and spent all this time and money molding her into a star. She joined LA Direct in late September and left by mid November. They still have her picture up on their site wanting people to believe they’re still representing her. She’s still in the industry and isn’t leaving as LA Direct first suggested she was so to try to ruin her reputation. So the blame lies on them because why would she leave them if they were doing their job in properly representing her.

From AdultFYI:

    The word going around is that AVN Best New Starlet nominee Jayme Langford’s being sued by LA Direct. At least that’s the word that Langford’s been passing.

    “Derek Hay is obviously flat out lying. He is trying to intimidate me and make me look bad to other companies and I refuse to continue my relationship with them. When I joined the agency he was aware that I was booking work through Cam Smith and our contract is nonexclusive for that reason.

    “I agreed to pay off any money owed to them and have already done so. At this point they actually owe me a small amount of money and I have decided to write it off because the accounting woman is out of the office for 2 weeks anyway. LA Direct insists that all of the model’s checks are mailed to them, so that they can cash them and if there is ever any dispute over money the girl is pretty much screwed.

    “If Derek thinks I am such a horrible model, why does he refuse to take
    my photos off of his web site and try to tell me that I cannot leave the agency?”

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