Shay Jordan is now known as Jasmine Jinn.

Posted on December 29, 2008




It first came out in October that Shay Jordan and Gabriella Fox weren’t at the Pirates 2 premiere. They were also left off the Pirates boxcover. At the end of October Gram Ponante was told by Digital Playground’s publicist “it’s not like we send out a press release when we terminate someone’s contract”. Then in the first week of November Shay told Roger at that she wasn’t going anywhere and wanted to thank her fans for all their support.

I still can’t find out what happened to Gabriella Fox and if she is still in the business. If anyone knows, please let me know!

But now Ginko23 at Snowman’s Raincoat Reviews forum has found out that Shay is now known as Jasmine Jinn and being represented by Gold Star Modeling. Why the name change? She didn’t own her name? Digital Playground did?

    Jasmine Jinn, AKA Shay Jordan

    Gold Star Modeling has Jasmine Jinn, not really, Shay Jordan has reinvented herself once again.

    She is still very nice looking at 23 year old with nice boobs (34C-26-34) and tall, 5” 8”. Still Does Boy Girl.

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