Jayden Jaymes will be featured on MTV’s ‘True Life’ in April.

Posted on December 23, 2008



    2nd UPDATE:

    You can now see the episode over at ThePinkCross.org or MTV.com.

NEW UPDATE: *click*

From Jayden’s Myspace page:

    Saturday, December 20, 2008

    ‘True Life’ Gets Green Light For Porn Star!

    Yes, it’s true…

    MTV’s “True Life” series just got the green light to feature a porn star in their upcoming ‘I’m addicted to porn’ segment. And guess who their pushing for???


    The producer absolutely loves me and finds my lifestyle very interesting and will be presenting everything to the executives on Monday morning. I’m so excited!

    Now, as for all of my fans’ number one concern of me looking ‘pathetic’ or coming off as porn controlling my life or anything bad…

    I’ve already had that discussion with them and my segment will NOT BE NEGATIVE. Although we’re dealing with cases of “addiction”, we want to push a more positive vibe on the industry. So, we’re all good… just waiting for the official ‘OKAY’.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

From AVN:

    Jayden Jaymes will be the subject of an MTV “True Life” documentary that began shooting Monday.

    The 2009 nominee for AVN Best New Starlet is the centerpiece of MTV’s latest “I’m in the Sex Industry” feature in which the producers document the lives of young adults working in adult entertainment.

    “The general public tends to have such a negative outlook on the porn industry and the people that are a part of it, so I’m hoping I can put a pleasant spin on things and show everyone that porn is such a positive part of my life,” Jaymes said.

    A camera crew was scheduled to begin following the 21-year-old Jaymes today as she embarked on her daily activities in the San Fernando Valley. The show also plans to document Jaymes shooting a sex scene.

    The MTV crew will continue to follow Jaymes at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, capturing the starlet meeting and greeting fans alongside Nikki Benz and Puma Swede at the Brazzers booth. MTV also plans to cover Jaymes’ AVN Awards Show experience.
    This episode of “True Life” is scheduled to air in April.

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