Shy Love’s driver rapes her girls?

Posted on December 1, 2008


From Stacysimmons at xxxPornTalk:

Horse mouth stated that she was terminated from her job in 2003 so they wouldn’t have to face less attractive executives LOL there is nothing cute about her. Her face is super ugly her tits are fake and she needs to eat a burger and stop throwing up her food she can’t even close her mouth her teeth are so big.

The reason people dislike her is because she’s a lieing whore she doesn’t own her house or her car she may be opening night clubs but she doesn’t own them. If she has money to do all this then why can’t she pay her debts? Why does she have girls living in rat filled houses?

Her jewish boyfriend tryes to sleep with the girls or tells them he will kick them out the house since he now owns it. Her driver is being checked out for forcing himself on dakoda brooks and a few other girls Shy love is nothing but drama, she steals and brags about having done 1800 films but she doesn’t have shit to show for it but a ran down smelly pussy now I see why 2 more of her girls have left her for type9 they both said they didn’t trust her and she said that she was the top agency in LA, that she owned a million dollar home and that she could make them 15 to 20,000 a month she’s a FUCKING LIEING WHORE

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