Another television appearance that wasn’t promoted.

Posted on November 27, 2008


Sunny Lane black lace dress

Sunny Lane was featured on the television show Extra this Monday. I believe they also have a weekend version showing the week’s highlights.

Sunny talks about her time at the Bunny Ranch on a segment about former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and escort Ashley Dupre.

    “That’s the best part for me when I get to me my fans,” she rejoiced. Sunny concludes the rest of the year in a promotion that can best be described as amazingly fan-friendly as she will be working at the world famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada and available to fans in a safe environment.

    “My fans are great and when they come to see me at the Bunny Ranch and I guess it is the ultimate porn experience,” she concluded.

    Sunny was just featured last night on the television show Extra during a segment on the former Governor of New York who was brought down in a prostitution scandal involving call girl Ashley Dupré.

    “It might be illegal everywhere else, but at the Bunny Ranch everything is above board, legal and fun so come and see me.”

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