Sasha Grey and Katie Morgan were both interviewed last on on ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

Posted on November 20, 2008



I watched the re-airing of Nikki Jayne being interviewed on ‘The Insider’ last night. So I stayed watching ‘Entertainment Tonight’ which follows right after. And they had both Sasha and Katie featured. The piece was about the newest porn cross-overs and if they could win Oscars one day. Sasha talked about her new Steven Soderbergh “The Girlfriend Experience” while Katie talked about trying to find more mainstream work after being in the new “Zack and Miri Make a Porno”. It wasn’t that long. It ended with the host saying the most successful porn cross-over is Traci Lords.

Now my problem is why wasn’t this promoted by either Sasha, Katie, or their handlers? This happens all the time with either the news of a television appearance happening hours before it airs, the day after, or not at all. If the performers aren’t told by the shows of the exact day their story will air, then at least put out there that you were interviewed so your fans can keep an eye out for it. And I find it really hard to believe that you or your handlers can’t contact the shows every day/week to find out when exactly your episode will air. Why be a public figure in the entertainment industry if you’re not going to promote your projects and appearances? They won’t invite you back if they don’t get higher ratings or feedback from your fans.

Check out the weekend editions of these shows because they show the week’s highlights. I know ET does one but I’m not sure about Insider.

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