Skeeter Kerkove: Max Hardcore is a pansy and can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Posted on October 6, 2008


From AdultFYI:

Skeeter used to be a friend of Max Hardcore’s. Max was sentenced to 46 months this past Friday but that has nothing to do with it. It goes back to an incident in May in which Skeeter claims Max tried to set him up to score brownie points with the DOJ.

Other than that, Skeeter also thinks what with probation and keeping the terms of it, Max’s porn career is all but finished.

Skeeter did jail time, as well, but the difference is, Skeeter wasn’t in porn at the time he was in prison.

“Max isn’t a flight risk nor do they feel him to be one, or of harm to the community,” says Skeeter.

“I’ve been through this before. When I was sentenced to six years, I was released on OR which means no bail.”

Skeeter had been convicted on a conspiracy drug case in a drug trial.

“The judge felt that I was not a threat to the society or community and that I would not run knowing that I had to turn myself in for six years. I was released on OR. I didn’t have to turn in my passport or nothing. On my sentencing date I was there early to start my six year sentence.”

At the time Skeeter was asked if 120 days was sufficient to get his affairs in order. He said he could have it done within ninety. After which he started his time.

In his earlier conversation with me, Skeeter alluded to “fire camps” which is often the assignment for a lot of low risk prisoners. It’s a forgone conclusion that Max, because of his age, would not be assigned to one.

“These guys risk their lives fighting forest fires,” says Skeeter. “The prisoners have the most dangerous job there is and the highest mortality rate of the fire fighter. Nobody dies more or becomes handicapped or injured than prisoners working in fire camps. They work for $1.15 an hour, maximum pay, for risking their lives.”

According to Skeeter, Max will do 85% of his sentence to the day.

“It’s going to be very mellow for him, very relaxing, the only stressful situations he will come on to is if he talks to people some times like he talks to people in public. And that will not work.”

Skeeter recalls an incident one night when Max got in his face while he was trying to direct an interracial scene for Rosebud involving Nathan Threat and two other girls.

“Max started berating the director in front of a group of people,” says Skeeter, referring to himself as the director.

“The director didn’t want to cause drama on the set. So the director gave him a talking to about love and respect and being a good human being.”

“That ended up being a huge failure as Max slipped into the air and was thrown to the ground,” recalls Skeeter.

“He was warned don’t use that knife unless you’re willing to die by that knife. That was an awakening experience for Max. If Max met a real motherfucker, that’s the only time he’s going to have a problem- if he talks down to him.

“Even at a Level 1 minimum security place, Max better not talk back to anybody unless he’s ready to get down and box like there’s no tomorrow. And he can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. So he’s got to be cool. He can even play that old man card. He’s 50 and has done so much fucking cocaine, he looks 60 with the cowboy hat off. This is why. I warned him. He used to be my friend. I warned him that those trick bitches that he paid to be his girlfriends were just bringing him down. You’re smoking more and more coke.”

Which brings us back to the Jenna James story, and Skeeter says people need to see the BTS to realize what happened the day James was over Skeeter’s house to shoot a scene.

“They also need to talk to over 25 different people half of whom don’t even know me,” says Skeeter.

Max is claiming the whole story was slander and libel.

“Let me say this,” answers Skeeter. “An ex police officer [Jerry Van Nuys] was a witness of her clearly saying that Max gives her drugs. And she offered Jay Ashley drugs and all these different people stuff.”

“Max was in trouble and he was trying to frame people that day. He was working with the DOJ and the FBI and local law enforcement. He made sure that the police were there that day with false allegations. It was very obvious.”

That Max was trying to score brownie points with his trial coming up a month later was a guaranteed fact not an opinion, says Skeeter.

“It’s a statement of motherfucking fact.”

Another story from that day, adds Skeeter, was the fact that Max was trying to get Skeeter to have James “fucked up” by Jay Ashley and that Jay be urged to piss down her throat and make her vomit. Which Jay didn’t do because Skeeter wouldn’t allow it.”

“Max was saying that- but the scene is extremely mild,” continues Skeeter. “She’s in control the whole time. It’s the most boring scene of the movie. Totally. But the fact she hid drugs somewhere sounds like a frame. Why would you go to somebody’s home and hide drugs? Then when you don’t have access to them you go to Jay Ashley saying I need to get this or that.

“She said I hid it over here. She’s like, I’ll tell the police it’s mine. Sounds like a frame to me.”

“She was told to flush it down the toilet- it never comes into the house. Shame on you. Then Max in front of Jerry Van Nuys, R Dawg and a couple of other people wanted to be paid back for the drugs she [James] was told to flush down the toilet which he gave her. And why did Max have a radio underneath his shirt? It was on and screeched twice. You heard talking in the background.”

“You want to frame an innocent man? I don’t give a fuck that Max pisses and pukes. I don’t give a fuck. But I don’t do that in my movies. I used to get teased a lot for the fetish clothing, the chains, the collars and the smoking and all this crap. I don’t care. But I never got into the puking thing. If I see that, I will vomit.”

What Skeeter finds interesting is that the incident occurred on a Sunday.

“When Tujunga has three patrol cars in the entire town. How can they go from one patrol car to ten patrol cars within ten minutes? Do you realize how much it takes to get ten patrol cars over an alleged misdemeanor? And they blocked off the gated millionaires community over an alleged misdemeanor. You cannot enter a home over an alleged misdemeanor without a warrant. But Max was working it. What’s interesting is the fact that my attorney was a few minutes away and James is telling Max ‘his attorney is coming up the street.’

“Guess what happens next? One little, two little, three little patrol cars… leave. They disappear. They were all in cahoots. Max wouldn’t be the first person in this business to rat.”

[Mark Carriere was a reputed informant.]

Skeeter claims that being a homeowner gives you different rights opposed to someone who’s renting a piece of property. As long as it doesn’t affect the quality of life of your neighbors. It’s a whole different thing when you own the house. It’s never been challenged before in the Supreme Court but it needs to be.”

“You know what else Max says to me? It’s all my fault I didn’t have a permit. I’m like, motherfucker, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you’ve never had a permit on any of your shoots. Never. He said this isn’t about me. I go you’re bringing it up, you’ve got a radio on your fucking belt. Everything you’ve ever shot doesn’t have a permit. Oh God he got mad when I brought that up. Why did he get mad?”

Max has also pitched a bitch that James has lost work since the AdultFYI story was first posted in May.

“Even Jim Powers says she’s insane,” insists Skeeter. “When she was here she was jumping out of the makeup chair and running into the bathroom. She was saying how she was at Max’s house and lost 12 pounds since she had been there.”

“Then she’s jumping away from the photographer and going into the bathroom. He’s saying she’s fucked up looking, and I’m saying do the magic lighting, the filtering. The pictures Max sent me didn’t look like this. But remember she had been on a big drug run when she got to Max’s. Max also gave Nikki Nievez all the drugs she wanted.”

“During the scene she’s jumping out and going to the bathroom. But the fact that Paul Little wanted me to pay for her smuggled drugs is reprehensible. It’s unbelievable.”

“Even Jay Ashley said she’s out of her mind,” Skeeter continues.

“But I was mortified that she hid drugs. She hid them in my bedroom. I’m sure Max instructed her to do that. Max told me at the time he was hurting for money but he cannot treat anybody in prison the way he does. He ain’t a tough guy.”

“Max Hardcore is a pansy. When he doesn’t have his gun or his knife on him which he doesn’t know how to use correctly, he is a pansy. He is a little skinny, fucked up cocaine abusing trick. The word trick means you pay for pussy. You pay for a girlfriend. That’s exactly what he is. He tried saying that this girl [James] is the most innocent girl and has never been in trouble with the law or with a traffic ticket. It ends up she had a child taken from her who loves in another state. All kinds of drama.”

“I told him he was a lame trick.”

Skeeter claims Max told him a story about the time he was in high school.

“In high school everybody hated him, and the girls didn’t like him. So he paid a girl to go out on a date with him one time so his friends could see him with a girl. I think that’s his gig. He’s just mad at the girls. So when Layla [Rivera] was having a relationship with Dick Delaware, it broke Max’s heart. Dick Delaware didn’t have any money to give him. I guess she just liked Dick Delaware for being Dick Delaware. Then she ran away, went to San Diego and she got together with a guy who came back from Iraq. He didn’t have much money and that was her new love. Max finally got her back.”

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