Max Hardcore was a police informant?

Posted on October 6, 2008



I remember when Skeeter Kerkove talked about how Max had gotten arrested for DUI four times in one year and got off with only paying a fine. Now this according to Skeeter, though no stranger himself when it comes to abusing women, says how Max was wired months ago trying to set up Skeeter on a drug charge to win brownie points on his obscenity case in Florida.

From AdultFYI:

I spoke to Skeeter Kerkove Saturday afternoon regarding Max Hardcore’s sentencing. The way Skeeter sees it, Max’s career is pretty much finished in porn.

Skeeter also reminds me that Max, several months ago, right before his trial, tried to set him up on a drug charge to win brownie points on his obscenity case in Florida. The attempt failed.

“When somebody tries to frame somebody for something they didn’t do, may they spend the rest of their lives in misery and incarcerated,” states Skeeter.

“Talk about karma coming back to somebody? You don’t try to frame an innocent man for a way out.”

Skeeter’s referring to a shoot when 10 LAPD patrol cars showed up in his driveway. He’s convinced that Max, who he later found to be wired, set him up and had his girlfriend Jenna James plant drugs in his house.

Max claims in a conversation I had with him early last week that Skeeter is lying about the entire incident and libeled James in the process.

Skeeter, on the other hand, claims everything he’s said about James is provable with BTS footage. We’ll get further into that story in another posting. But Skeeter’s also wondering who’s going to be looking after Max’s affairs when he’s gone.

“Since Max is going to be away for three years and four months, who’s going to be in charge of finances and his house?” Skeeter asks. “Who is he going to trust with that? It’s not going to be Layla Rivera. It won’t be Jenna James. Because once they know the gravy train is gone, they’ll both be gone and will never be back.”

Skeeter feels the way Max will know who his friends are will be the ones going out of the way to visit him in prison.

“It’s a very interesting place. When I was in prison I was lifting weights, smoking cigarettes, drinking, having my family visit, having conjugal visits. That made it much easier. But I wonder how many people are going to visit Max Hardcore?”

As far as where Max is going to be sent, Skeeter predicts this:

“First off there’s no such thing as a camp or a ranch,” Skeeter says. “There are fire camps but he can’t go there because of his age, and his health. There is no way Paul Little can pass that test. It’s impossible.

“He’s done too much cocaine, too much fucking pot, too much booze, too many cigarettes. He can’t fucking do it. He cannot go to a federal fire camp. He will go to a reception center which is for all minimum security. If you’re sentenced to 500 years you’re going to that reception center. If you’re sentenced 16 months you’re going to that reception center. It’s all the same.

“From there they will decide where you will go. But no matter how low your security level is, if there’s extreme overcrowding on the day the decision is made, you’re going to go to a different prison that you don’t meet the criteria on.”

“The Grand Vizier forget to tell you this,” Skeeter adds. “It’s called an emergency override. I was transferred to the Soledad maximum security prison. Even though I was a Level 1 minimum security no flight risk. I didn’t care. I’ll fight and stab with anybody- whatever it takes to survive or to have fun. I had a great time. When it came time for me to get transferred I asked my counselor, can I just stay here? I’m already used to this program, to the two-man cell, and being in lockdown sometimes for two weeks straight. I don’t care. You don’t even get to leave your cell for a shower.”

In his own drug conviction, Skeeter was eventually transferred to Soledad South which is called “The Ranch”. He got into landscaping.

“There was no fence and I wasn’t going anywhere,” he recalls. “I just smoked cigarettes, drank beer, made home made wine and planted my bushes. Then I’d walk the yard, hang out with the home boys, lift weights and have a good time.”

“But Max will go to a reception center- they will deem him as minimum security. He’ll be the second lowest level there on minimum security. But he is 50 years old. And there’s other things the Grand Vizier forgot to tell you about. They take in all these factors- are you a high school graduate? Do you have children? Are you married? Did you serve in the military?

“The questions you answer yes to brings down your security level. They’ll ask you have you ever been in trouble with the law? Well Max has had a huge alcohol and drinking problem. That might sound minimal. But drunk driving is the number one killer of children under the age of 18 in the US. Every drunk driver is a monster risk for killing someone’s child or children. That will be used against Max. And, boy, is Max in for a big surprise when he gets home.”

According to Skeeter a part of Max’s probation will be that he cannot drink alcohol.

“And he’s an alcoholic like me. If he does, he will get a mandatory probation violation and he’ll go back to federal prison for up to one straight year during his three year probation period. One drink, if he tests positive for alcohol.

“Oh will they test him. When he comes out, will they make him a poster child. They’re going to be on him. What his attorneys might not have told him is this: they might not be familiar with the hell he’s going to go through when he comes home. He’s not going to be allowed to produce porn when he comes home. And if they catch him it will be an immediate cause to re-try him on obscenity.”

“I want to know, in the United States who is going to want to promote Max Hardcore knowing what just happened to him? What webmaster is going to be that daring? I think the only webmasters who will be that daring will be the ones out of the country.”

According to Skeeter, Max always told him he had money stashed away just in case it became necessary to bolt the country.

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