What do you do after being arrested for conning a family of six from their home? You go out and party!

Posted on September 25, 2008


Picture Source: tonybatman.com

Source: XFanz:

Kayden Kross walks in, does a lap, smiling and shaking hands, sees an empty space at my table and sits down. I look at her and innocently ask, “What’s new?”

She answers, “Lots of things!” with a mischievous smile. She apologizes for not calling me, “but I was on location so I couldn’t tell you what my lawyer said for me to say, which is that I have no comment at this time.” We chat for a moment off the record, and then I ask her if she has my cell phone number. She checks, and says she doesn’t, so I call her from my cellphone so she can record the number. This strikes me as weird somehow, that I have her number and she doesn’t have mine. Fortunately equilibrium is restored…

Kayden does an on-camera interview with Keylani Lei — there are a lot of cameras here tonight — and because there is no room in the booth, Keylani sits on the divider behind Kayden. Kayden asks Keilani a question and only gets laughter in response. Jessica Drake, sitting on the other side of the divider, has reached up and is groping Keilani’s breasts. Kayden then turns her attention to me and we chat awkwardly because the camera makes us look up and acknowledge it instead of the usual PSK communication routine of talking directly into the other person’s ear. There are going to be a lot of “What?”s edited out of that clip, if they ever use it…

Sledge Hammer is on the platform … Kayden excuses herself to go outside and do an interview with Tony Batman…. Crystal Storm walks over, tells me an uproarious story about an online casting service where she put her name in for a part just to show a friend how it works, and she got a call from the casting agent. The casting agent was somebody she knew and she was chatting with him and when he said come in to my office for an interview she found out it wasn’t the guy she knew, it was somebody else. Looks like she’s going to get the part, too…

Ron Jeremy walks in with BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof and Air Force Amy… They take the center table, which has just been vacated. It’s all in the timing… I don’t see Madame Suzette, she’s probably minding the store back in Carson City…

Tony Batman comes back to the table, grinning. “I was talking to Kayden. I told her, ‘We have to ask the tough questions, you understand, you don’t have to answer’.,,

“She says ‘Yeah, go ahead.’ It gets real quiet and tense. I look her in the eye and ask her,

“Did you hit that guy or did he hit you?”

We all crack up.

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