Was I born in an alternate reality?

Posted on September 25, 2008


Elle, mother Veronica, and grandma Vikki Vaughn at Porn Star Ball 2008


Here we go again. This makes Desi Foxx look normal. Someone named Veronica Vaughn has been doing porn for a year. Now mother of the year has brought her 18-year-old daughter into porn. Her daughter Elle even still has her braces in this June 2008 picture.

Catering to the pedophiles I see. Couldn’t tell your daughter to go to college first or at least be out of the teens where she wouldn’t look like she’s 14?

At least Elli Foxx was in porn first with mother Desi following months later. At least Elli isn’t a braced-faced teenager catering to pedophiles. At least Elli went to college for a bit and branched out on her own first.

Daughter Elle has only done one scene so far but doesn’t have an official porn name yet. So what was the point of her doing that scene if she doesn’t have anything official set up like a Myspace, email account, and website/blog? Did mother Veronica need some quick cash??

Maybe Elle and Tiffany Mynx’s son can do a scene together. Tiffany recently brought her 18-year-old son into porn and takes a cut of his shoot fees.

From AdultFYI:

    David Samms of Impact Public Relations told me that he’s just signed porn’s next mother-daughter team.

    According to Samms, Veronica Vaughan of Palm Springs, the mom, has been in the business about a year. She’s done 23 movies of which 3 or 4 are out. Meanwhile, Vaughan’s daughter is 18, from Phoenix, and has only done one scene so far. She doesn’t have an official porn name as yet. An official statement will be forthcoming.

Picture Source: Rick Garcia @ AVN

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