Kayden Kross broke into her ex-boyfriend’s home and stole HIS dog; Didn’t pay her taxes either?

Posted on September 25, 2008


From AdultFYI:

Kayden Kross has been saying that her boyfriend stole her dog when, in fact, the dog was registered in her boyfriend’s name.

Kross has also been saying that she was the recipient of a fake wedding ring. OBF [old boy friend] who I’ve spoken to in the past, says he never gave her one and has no idea what she’s talking about. Which leads one to suspect that Kross might be mixing the two boyfriends and talking about Tim Hough who palmed her off, first as his wife, then as his fiancée in a real estate deal for which Kross is now facing four felony indictments.

According to OBF the dog was registered to him but that Kross, in fact, had entered his house illegally to steal it. Kross and OBF had already broken up and Kross came back four months later to take the dog. OBF filed a police report as a property theft but didn’t realize at the time it was Kross who did it, and he didn’t have evidence one way or the other.

Later it was determined that Kross had entered the house while OBF was away, grabbed a female dog and took off with it. It was later that OBF received a call from a veterinary clinic in Single Springs, California where Kross’ mother lives. The clinic told OBF they had his dog, that the dog’s registration information and tracking chips were in his name. OBF then picked up the dog, a Japanese-Tchin-Pomeranian mix.

Also developing in the story are Kross’ tax filings in which Kross, during the year 2004, claimed an income of $6830. Kross, however was working as a stripper at the time but the income tax statement never mentions stripper income. The income reported was from the sale of a horse for fair market value.

Then in 2005, Kross declares a negative income of -$3820. Which, of course, raises additional red flags because Kross would have had to produce those statements during her real estate dealings in 2006 which are currently under investigation.

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