Nude male model doesn’t want to have a long modeling career.

Posted on September 23, 2008


From Queerty:

Josh: Subject: Remove me now
“I am getting Sick of finding myself on these stupid gay sites.”

Queerty: Certainly, it’s every model’s right to want to choose where he appears. It’s also utterly ridiculous for a male model to agree to near-naked photographs that barely cover his penis and then not expect gay men might have an interest in taking a peek. So we replied: “You’re a male model who poses naked grabbing his dick and finds it surprising that gay men like to look? You’re surely making the ‘male models are idiots’ stereotype come true.”

Mr. Peters responded: “I don’t care.”

We’ve complied with Mr. Peters’ request to have his photos removed from Queerty. But not before reminding all casting directors and model agencies out there — many of whom, you won’t be surprised to know, are gay and gay-operated, and read this site daily — of Mr. Peters’ feelings toward the gay community.

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