Sandee Westgate was not only supporting her ex-husband but was also supporting his new girlfriend Layla Star?!

Posted on September 11, 2008



Yesterday I ran Sandee Westgate’s new blog post explaining how a judge has put a temporary hold on the money Sandee makes from her blog because of her divorce. She use to have more features on her blog but hasn’t been able to for almost two years because she has had to pay her ex $7,000 a month in a divorce settlement. But he now is claiming Sandee is in breach of the settlement and is asking for $120,000.00 to be awarded to him in one lump sum right now.

Now Gene Ross gets word from the ever so mysterious ‘The Grand Vizier’ and he says Sandee’s ex-suitcase pimp is some douchebag named Josh Ryan who runs Josh Ryan Photography and used to run a strip club in downtown Los Angeles.

Now here’s the kicker. Sandee was supporting him and his girlfriend Layla Star and was paying the rent for both of them and their living expenses. Hey Layla, get off your ass and make your own money! Layla hadn’t made a movie in over a year. Yeah, beause she was living off of Sandee’s hard earned money right?? Now Layla is in a Playboy contract she can’t get out of. Oh let’s pity you Layla. How hard it must be to actually have a contract with Playboy when most women in the business can’t get a contract with anyone.

I believe Sandee first started her first website almost ten years ago. She actually has a name while most have never heard of Layla Star. Layla was living off of Sandee’s money. You were living off the money from another porn girl while her husband was leaching off of her. Now Josh has dumped Layla. Is that why he is now claiming Sandee is in breach of the divorce settlement and is asking for $120,000.00 in a lump sum right now? $7,000 a month isn’t enough for him? Whatever money Layla was making on the side is now gone, right Josh? Josh might have to actually get off his ass and get a job?!

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