Larry Flynt’s top 10 reasons why he supports John McCain.

Posted on September 11, 2008


You can watch the video at LIB.

10 ) We were both stationed on the same aircraft in the Vietnam War – that guy got more women than anyone else. Including me.

9 ) He owns more houses than I do. He’s got eleven. I’ve got one.

8 ) His wife is hotter than mine ….. and yours!

7 ) He’s actually destroyed more aircraft than I’ve owned …

6 ) McCain’s tax plan favors the rick – I’m rich!

5 ) He knows how to shakedown big corporations. He pocketed a million bucks from the telecoms alone.

4 ) He’s good to his friends – just look what he did for the Keating Five.

3 ) As far as I know he didn’t cause the explosion on the USS Forrestal ….

2 ) He believes in Free Speech – he didn’t hesitate to call his wife a @#%$ in public.

1 ) He makes me look like a #@$%-ing genius!

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