Sky Lopez sex tape update.

Posted on September 9, 2008


Vivid’s Steven Hirsch talked to Sky last week. Sky was a former Vivid Girl. He says she seems to be doing well. No word though if she had her baby yet. But Sky does admit to the video being legitimate and vouched for the quality. She says it was some of the hottest sex she’s ever had. Hirsch told Sky if she is serious about this, she can come into his office and they would talk about it. Hirsch also says he doesn’t know if Jeremy Jackson’s claims that Sky was the one that sent men to threaten him to hand over the video because she doesn’t want to be known as a porn star anymore. I doubt she did that. She has six years of porn out there. Why would she care about that one tape with a has-been child actor that no one has heard anything about in years?

From AVN:

Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch has offered “Baywatch” star Jeremy “Hobie” Jackson $5,000 to sign off on the sex tape he made with ex-Vivid Girl Sky Lopez.

“The bottom line is that Sky is really the star of this thing,” Hirsch told AVN. “Does anybody really care about Hobie from ‘Baywatch’? We feel that he’s worth $5,000 and she’s worth a whole lot more.”

Hirsch has not yet seen the video, but he told AVN that Lopez personally vouched for the quality.

“When I spoke to Sky about this last week, she said that this is some of the hottest sex she’s ever had,” Hirsch said. “From what she told me, it’s really over the top.”

But will Hobie take the five grand?

“This guy’s not going to sign off for $5,000,” Hirsch told AVN. “But she’s the sell, and not him, and therefore, this would be marketed to Sky’s fans – and there a a lot of them. As I told Sky, if they’re both truly serious about this, they can come into the office and we can talk about it.”

Lopez, also known simply as Sky, broke into porn in 1999 as a Shane’s World girl and went on to become an exclusive with Vivid. She left the biz in 2005.

“Sky has always been a little bit on the crazy side,” Hirsch told AVN. “I remember when she became available to shoot, and she came to the Vivid office; I took one look and we signed her to a contract that day. She is one crazy girl – but when we spoke last week, she seemed to be doing well.”

Jackson claims he was bullied, physically threatened and blackmailed into surrendering the DVD master of the video by “drug-addicted thugs.” Hirsch said he cannot confirm the truth of that account as yet.

Lopez is now a born-again Christian and trying to sell herself as a hip-hop artist. She may have met Jackson on the set of a 2005 straight-to-video slasher movie called Expose. Jackson co-produced and starred in the movie, which featured Lopez and other porn girls in bit roles.

Hirsch confirmed that he has spoken to sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt, who is shopping the Hobie/Sky footage to adult entertainment studios. Like Hirsch and other sane humans, KB does not consider Hobie a hot property.

The consensus among adult industry sources is that the video will come out one way or another. But until then

Picture Source: TMZ

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