My Scott Fayner conspiracy theory.

Posted on August 29, 2008



Earlier I posted an email that Scott Fayner had sent saying he’s thinking of giving up his site. It’s been down for a while now and he never mentioned anything before it went down of anything technical or a server change about to happen to his site.

Before his site went down, Scott had announced he had hired a new contributer and she would be starting soon. Days later he announced he would start paying for stories. He said he made a lot of money from the ads running on his site and he would now start paying for information. I told him by him bragging he was making a lot of money and that he would start paying for stories would make him more hated than Luke Ford ever was!

Then his site goes down. Coincidence? He gave a few blind examples before saying if you had information on these people, send it in and you’ll get paid. Why give up a site if you’re making that much money, just announced you hired a new contributer, said you would start paying for stories, and turn the site in a completely new different direction but now decide to possibly leave?

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