Willie D steps outside the local bar to reply to my reply.

Posted on August 28, 2008



Moderator of the year Willie D writes to Gene at AdultFYI in response to what I had written the other day.

Willie is the one I was warned about before going to XPT telling me to stay away from him. I get there and he was nothing but nice to me there and on Myspace. He was trying to get me to get on messenger with him. I told him I rather stay in contact with him through XPT or Myspace. He wouldn’t leave me alone. To get him off my back, I said I noticed on his Myspace that he is married and I rather continue talking to him either through Myspace or XPT. He agreed. As time went on during my month and half at XPT, he became more vocal against me and hostile and even saying he wanted me to die. So I figured the honeymoon was over and here is the Willie D I had been warned about. I took him off my Myspace and that was the end of our faux promising friendship.

I used the word kewl as a joke because that’s how I look at you. I know what I am and never take myself seriously while you think you’re Jesus because you sit in front of a computer with your thumb on the baning button. I never speak in chat speak and take great pains to spell correctly and edit my posts for spelling errors. Doesn’t work all the time though.

You’re the power hungry one with nothing else better to do than to say to someone you’ll be banned soon and your time on here is ending all because you don’t like what someone says. What power do I possibly have or think I have? I know I’ll never be accepted in the industry you think you’re a part of. I can live with that while your world would probably crumble.

Yes I like stirring the pot. And you’re point is? Is this news to anyone?

I would like to think I’m more a bitch or a cunt than a degenerate asshole. Thank you.

And as I pointed out earlier, the amount of posts I made on XPT are in average normal for posting on a forum. I was at XPT for about 7 weeks at 700 posts in all. That’s an average of 100 posts a week. Which means about an average of 14 posts a day. And considering I mostly spent my time on 4 of the 9 forums on XPT, that’s an average of 4 posts per board, per day. So your whining about my posting history is pointless and bullshit. Find something else to do if you can’t handle being a moderator.

Now go back sitting in front of your computer with your Napoleon complex and find someone else to harass. Thank you.

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