John Stagliano says his life is ten times better since contracting HIV.

Posted on August 21, 2008


Nick Gillespie, editor of reason online and, spoke with Evil Angel owner John Stagliano in April about his career and his upcoming trial. The entire video, courtesy of Chuck Spears at XPT, is about twenty minutes and you can watch it here at

    “Well, I had a thing as most middle-aged men do where I wanted to experiment with transsexuals, and I was little bit careless and got HIV. The interesting thing was it put me in a situation where I’m a normal consumer now and where I’m not getting laid by porn girls at all. Now my wife becomes, I’m like this nerdy guy who doesn’t get laid at all and I got to look at porno movies to get off. So I was looking at porn to get off and my tastes expanded. And I realized that there’s all sorts of stuff that’s really interesting out there that I didn’t know existed because I was just worried about having sex with a girl. Now sex became artistic to me. It became more interesting to me as a medium for expanding our horizons as human beings that was significant. And my life has turned out ten times better I think.”

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