“Sometimes too much sex can be a bad thing”

Posted on August 9, 2008


Access Hollywood quotes that as the new PETA slogan by Jenna Jameson. Maybe they should get someone who would be more believable when saying that! And also find someone who practices what they preach when it comes to animal rights. Jenna has a very long history to this day of eating meat, wearing leather & fur. I’ve blogged about it before here. Deceiver.com has longed blogged about Jenna’s hypocrisy when it comes to PETA. And just this week at LukeFord.com there’s a picture of Jenna wearing a fur shawl at her Christmas Party in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2005.

Some might say she had a change of heart and no longer wears fur. But she still eats meat, goes fishing, wears leather shoes & leather jackets still to this day. It just shows how shallow both she and PETA are. She for being so desperate to get any type of mainstream attention. And PETA also for being desperate and pathetic in not finding a true animal rights activist instead of a celebrity that might stir up controversy for their campaign. Because getting a porn star to quote that slogan is their way of being “controversial”. And Jenna has said she wouldn’t go nude again but here she is semi-nude covering up her bits.

I don’t care who wears what or eats what. Do what you want. But don’t preach one thing and then turn around doing the complete opposite in public view. It also shows how irrelevant PETA has become.

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