Chasey Lane meltdown caught on camera.

Posted on July 21, 2008



I’ve re-uploaded the two videos again because they weren’t showing anymore. here and here.

I don’t know what went wrong and when but she’s been on a downward spiral for a while. Alleged drug use or alcoholism or just mental illness. She was the most beautiful porn star ever in my opinion but now she’s a shell of her former self.

But here she was at Donny Long’s studio to shoot for the MILF site She can’t sit still and the makeup girl has a hard time applying Chasey’s makeup. She’s arguing with everyone. Then says she’s never heard of her sex scene partner. Then she refuses to shoot still pictures saying she considers those separate scenes.

The second video has her on the toilet and it’s that time of the month and says she has to do the scene with a tampon on. They say she can’t use the tampon and should use a sponge instead. She takes out her tampon and holds it up to the camera. It takes her an eternity to pick something to wear. The entire shoot took hours when it normally wouldn’t. Donny Long then throws her out of his studio while they continue arguing and she and a friend get into Chasey’s Rolls-Royce.

Source: FreePornStarPix

Source: XPT forum (NOT SAFE FOR WORK)

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