The 10 Most Seductive Movie Scenes

Posted on April 21, 2008


  • As much as we love graphic nudity and seam-shredding sex, we also know that sometimes nothing´s better than a good tease. From

1. Out of Sight

After J.Lo´s Karen Sisco shoots down a couple of douche-bag admen (which is itself hot), George Clooney´s Jack Foley swoops in. Intercut with their cool-as-ice banter are shots of them—presumably only moments later—disrobing on opposite sides of a hotel room. See? Talking and sex can go together!

2. The Mask of Zorro

You can use rapier wit to disrobe a woman or you can, like Antonio Banderas´ Zorro, just use a rapier. His flirtatious sword fight with Catherine Zeta-Jones upped the steamy Latin heat of this movie to ridiculous levels, and you could cut the sexual tension with a…well…

3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Sometimes a love story can start in the simplest of ways: A steamy Colombian locale, some tequila, a well-timed rain shower, and two spies posing as a couple in order to evade the authorities. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—we hear they´re a couple in real life!—do the Perfect Genes Tango, but we were the ones getting sweaty.

4. From Dusk Till Dawn

Even if we knew in advance that the bikini-clad Salma Hayek with the albino boa constrictor wrapped around her mind-blowing curves was going to turn into a vampire and kill us, we´d still be just as riveted. If “sex appeal” ever decides to take human form, it need not look any further.

5. National Lampoon´s Vacation

“This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy…” It´s also hot as hell. Every male of sperm-producing age in the ´80s dreamed of finding a nude Christie Brinkley in a hotel pool. And, like Chevy Chase, we too would think about jumping in first, and our wives and kids second.

6. Death Proof

If you were one of the two people who saw this in theaters, you missed the infamous lap dance that Vanessa Ferlito and Sydney Poitier talked about (endlessly) for the first 2/3´s of the movie. DVD made it worth the wait, as Ferlito´s barroom wigglin´ marked instance number 45 where we wished we could be Kurt Russell.

7. True Lies

Normally, when your wife performs a striptease for you, it´s suppose to end in torn sweatpants, tears, and booze-soaked apologies—it´s not suppose to be this hot. Jamie Lee Curtis unwittingly awakens Lil´ Arnie with her back-arching attempt at spy games.

8. Wild Things

Not since Phoebe Cates slinked out of a pool in Fast Times at Ridgemont High have chlorine water and spandex been put to such alluring use. Kevin Bacon´s cop makes the point for us when he steps up to Denise Richards slowly toweling off with the line “nice stroke.”

9. Cruel Intentions

If knowing something is wrong only makes the temptation stronger, then nothing beats this incest-tinged grindfest. Sarah Michelle Gellar rubs up on stepbrother Ryan Phillippe´s lap, teasing her horndog sibling by telling him he can “put it anywhere” if she loses their bet. His wasn´t the only lap feeling constricted.

10. The Girl Next Door

Even though it´s relatively tame—Elisha Cuthbert´s ex–porn star teasingly seduces schoolboy Emile Hirsch—there´s something about her panther crawl across the bed that makes this entire scene unbelievably palm-moistening. We, like Hirsch, are instantly reduced to a puddle of nervous sweat.

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