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Posted on January 5, 2008



Amy held a press conference saying she was upset with her ‘Good Morning America’ interview saying they had cut up the interview and put it together in a way it wasn’t suppose to. She also says again that she did not sell the her sex tape and that it was her husband Lou that had sold it when they had separated. She also explains why she held the sex tape release party saying it was part of the settlement with the porn company that put out the video. Video of her press conference can be seen at CNN. And on the right of this next page you can also see her ‘Good Morning America’ interview.

  • Here are Amy Fisher and husband Lou Bellera at the release party for their own sex tape. The sex tape that former police officer Lou had sold supposedly without Amy’s consent. Yeah right! They got over six figures for that tape which is now the number one celebrity sex tape here in the U.S. Amy says she forgave her husband and they are back together again. Now the NY Post is reporting that the club is now getting hate mail for holding Amy’s party there:

Club Retox was bombarded with hundreds of hate e-mails yesterday when the public found out about Amy Fisher’s guest appearance as a deejay to promote her sex tape last night. “After they sent out a mass invite e-mail, they got hundreds back with nasty comments about Amy,” said a source. “They were going to cancel last-minute but didn’t.” Fisher said the bad press she’s gotten over the video didn’t faze her. “People always treat me well,” she told Page Six. “I thought the tape would be a flash in the pan.” “I had her because I think everyone deserves a second chance,” said Retox owner John Englebert.

  • And in related Amy news, the NY Post is also reporting that Joe Buttafuoco’s 24-year-old aspiring actress daughter Jessica Buttafuoco is ashamed of the family name and also blames her father for her strained relationships with men. If she’s so ashamed of the family name, then she should change her name and don’t do interviews with ‘Inside Edition’ which is really a way for her to get the publicity to start her acting career.

Picture Source: Dlisted

Picture Source: Celebutopia

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